About Me

I am an amateur photographer looking for interesting photos to take. I started in April, 2012, when my son (Thomas, then 11) wanted to learn photography (see his website at www.crestedgeckoexposures.com). So we learned together. We didn't settle for clicking away with our dSLR cameras in the Automatic Mode. We dug deep and learned ISO, shutter speeds, aperture settings, white balance, metering, and a whole bunch of other stuff. In the beginning it was overwhelming. But we persisted. We read books. We spoke with professionals (see below). We took pictures. Lots of pictures. We failed often. Then things started to get better....interesting and exciting. We started to capture really good images. And then we were hooked. While we have come a long way until now we both have a long way to go and are enjoying every minute of the adventure.


To use this website efficiently first start with the "Enter Site" section from the "Home" starting point. This will display some choice images in a slideshow format that I particularly like as representation of all of my efforts thus far. Then check out "Galleries". The first page you'll be sent to is a slideshow of a recent photowalk I took in Boston, MA. From there click on "My Photographs" and then "All My Photos" to get to all of the collections. Then you'll be on your way. Check back with my website often for new additions.


Special thanks goes out to my good friend and photography mentor Rick O. (www.rickophotography.com) who took the shots of me on this and the Contact page. Rick has been very influential with both me and my son's photography development. Also, thank you to my web designer Andres Mesa (www.mesaportfolio.com) for his diligence and efforts when designing this and Thomas' website. I highly recommend both for any photography or web design needs.


Thank you for visiting,